Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Eminem - Berzerk (Official) (Explicit)

Date Released - August 27 2013

Check out Eminem's music video (Bezerk) its amazing and iv'e listened to it hundreds of times hope you enjoy.

Leave a comment below for what music video you want me to do next... Peace!

Media Homework on Powerpoint

Friday, 20 September 2013

Media H/W Denotation and Connotation

Row - 3:

Denotation: i see the devil with a skeleton in blue
Connotatin: the devil is with a skelton man in hell with fire spewing out of the ground bringing fear

Denotation: a man in jeans with a red object coming out of his pocket
Connotation: A man facing the american flag in cloths that make the scene look like the 1980's 

Denotation: a women bending over
Connotation: a women showing her bum with black gloves that looks like she's stroking it 

Denotation: four men and a background
Connotation:faces looking forward with one man with his arms over his shoulders like he's praying 

Denotation: string that has been pulled i a black background
Connotation: Mountains or string that has been stretched by someone 

Media H/W Photoshop Tool

This is the move tool. This allows you to be able to move objects in Photoshop in case they need to be somewhere else or for selecting things so that the person controlling the button wants to do something to an object. I intend to use this by moving images and logos out of the way so that i can put something else in instead. There might be more that you can do with this button but I'm not sure as i have only just started using Photoshop.

Sorry for the low amount of information but i'm new to this.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Hey Guys!

Hi guys i was just on YouTube and i was watching Pewdiepie and then i thought of watching something else so I typed Ray William Johnson and watched his video and OH MY GOD it was so funny, so i thought why not share it with you guys so just click the link below to watch it

Keeepppp Reading!