Monday, 20 January 2014

Magazine Titles

My magazine titles

  • Girls 4 Ever
  • Fashion Guide
  • Gossip Line
  • Shine
  • Reflect
  • Cosmic
  • Star
  • Trust
  • Teen Star UK
  • Heart Star
One of these titles will most likely be used in my magazine cover that i am making. The titles are not put into favorite order but Teen Star UK is my favorite so far.

The covers on the right are famous teen magazines so i am looking at them to get inspiration for my magazine cover.

Magazine Cover Lines

Magazine Cover lines

  • get sex tips.
  • 10 ways to get the current look.
  • inside Ariana Grande's wardrobe
  • weight loss method.
  • how you can get a boys attention.
  • unbelievable fashion bargains. 
  • celebrity gossip.
  • interviews.
  • what celebrities are wearing.
  • your favourite movie heart throbs 

The cover lines above are all going to be on my magazine cover if i can get them all on. The inside Ariana Grande's wardrobe is meant to be a special look at what she wears as she has an interview for my magazine. 

The magazines on the right have different styled fonts and colours for there magazines, this is how i want my magazine cover to look like.

Thursday, 16 January 2014


This font is modern because it looks futuristic and has sharp edges giving it a modern sleek look.

This font looks like a child's writing because its sloppy just like young children.  

This font looks like a sports font because its sharp and smooth (extreme) making you think gym or sports.

This font looks masculine because it looks formal as if someone was trying to get a job and wrote nice.

This font looks Feminine because its neat and looks very smart which is saying that women write neater then men.

This writing font looks sophisticated because it is nice and curvy making it look as if the writer has trained in writing nicely.

    This is clear that this id bold because the writing is thick and large.

 This is clearly historic writing because of the over the top curves and      sharp ends to letters.    

Symmetrical Work

These front covers are symmetrical because the right and left hand side of the magazine are the same 
(at least the main image is). These magazine covers look as if  you could get the right or left side of their face and put a mirror there and it would look exactly the same.

these front covers are all asymmetrical  because they are not the same on the right and left side of the magazine. there is no match to each side of the magazine.