Friday, 13 June 2014

Media Past Paper Homework

Q. Explain two ways the extract fits the genre of lifestyle magazines.

A. On the front cover of the magazine their is direct address. direct address is when the model on the front of the cover is directly starring at you or the speech from the magazine is talking to you. An example would be "have you tried the new diet plan". It makes the reader feel more involved into the story and is if they are part of it too. Their is a mixture of content on the front of the cover such as sexy hair, elegant dresses for summer and food. These contents make the magazine more interesting because their is a larger variety of options to read about and thats what people want, when they can read
something they want to read about.

Q. Explain how each of the following is used in the extract to create effect on the reader:

A. Layout
B. Typography
C. Colour
D. Language

A. The layout in the magazine cover is used well having the coverlines spread out and the model using all the spacing and the most important coverline over the top of the model to show that the coverline is the one they want you to read first.
 B.  The writing on the magazines coverline has a different font to the masthead. The coverlines are also different to each other because some have different colours to the other and although most of the fonts are the same, some have thin writing and some have bold writing.
C. The colour on this magazine stands out because the background is a light grayish colour and the font used is black and the masthead is pink, a completely diffrent colour.
D. The language used on the magazine is informal because it is being written to many people that don't speak formal. An example would be "Summers Here"! This informal because of the exlamation mark and the way its saying summers here in such a quick way. Formal language would be longer and maybe say "Summer is in its time".

Q. Discuss how people and lifestyles are represented in the extract refer to stereotypes in your answer.

A.Lifestyle magazine try to either inspire people to be like someone or they want people to be the best they can be in looks, food, clothes and friends. The magazine that we are focussing on at the moment is a middle aged womens magazine called easy living. The title tells that the magazine is how to live in a easier way then the one they are living now. People are refereed to the magazine by food, clothes, health and looking good. The magazine directs women on how to be the best looking woman that they can be. It tells them what dresses are in and what ones to wear. It tells women what they should eat so that they can fit into the cloths. The magazine is basically a guide to women on directing them on how to be better then they already are. A stereotype for the magazine is how women are not as smart when they dont read the magazine. How they have to read the magazine to understand everything else more.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Media - Half Term Homework

Half Term Homework

1.Conventions are parts of a item to do with media that are unique, parts that are all different and are used in different ways. I have learnt that their are many types of conventions on a magazine such as a masthead. A masthead is the title at the top of the magazine, this is usually the most eye catching piece on a magazine because it is usually big and bold with different colours to the background to stand out so that people can see the magazine from a fair distance. Another convention of a magazine would be direct address. This can be meant by the model on the front cover looking directly at you or by the speech used to talk to you e.g. (how would YOU like to change you life around).Gender representation is used alot in many diffrent magazines. It is used in them to attract buyers. Mens magazines will most likely have a picture of a women presented in a sexual way as exposing their natural bodies. Womens magazines may be the same with a man topless or with a celebrity idol like Oprah Winfrey.(200)

2.The gender

3.On my album cover i haven't used a gender representation. My album cover has me in a hoodie with the colours black and yellow. My album cover can be represented for females and males because you cannot see my face and their is no imagery of a female or male.(50)

4.My skills have massively improved during my Media GCSE classes. I have learnt how to use Photoshop more effectively and can now a album cover as well as a magazine cover. I have learnt the tools that are used in Photoshop and am able to use them well. Two of the tools that i have learnt to make an image look better, or progressed on my ability to use at a higher level are,the blur tool and the smudge tool. I have also learnt how to upload a power point onto blogger using slide share.I have a clearer understanding of what conventions of a magazine are where as before i didn't know what a convention was. (128)