Thursday, 12 June 2014

Media - Half Term Homework

Half Term Homework

1.Conventions are parts of a item to do with media that are unique, parts that are all different and are used in different ways. I have learnt that their are many types of conventions on a magazine such as a masthead. A masthead is the title at the top of the magazine, this is usually the most eye catching piece on a magazine because it is usually big and bold with different colours to the background to stand out so that people can see the magazine from a fair distance. Another convention of a magazine would be direct address. This can be meant by the model on the front cover looking directly at you or by the speech used to talk to you e.g. (how would YOU like to change you life around).Gender representation is used alot in many diffrent magazines. It is used in them to attract buyers. Mens magazines will most likely have a picture of a women presented in a sexual way as exposing their natural bodies. Womens magazines may be the same with a man topless or with a celebrity idol like Oprah Winfrey.(200)

2.The gender

3.On my album cover i haven't used a gender representation. My album cover has me in a hoodie with the colours black and yellow. My album cover can be represented for females and males because you cannot see my face and their is no imagery of a female or male.(50)

4.My skills have massively improved during my Media GCSE classes. I have learnt how to use Photoshop more effectively and can now a album cover as well as a magazine cover. I have learnt the tools that are used in Photoshop and am able to use them well. Two of the tools that i have learnt to make an image look better, or progressed on my ability to use at a higher level are,the blur tool and the smudge tool. I have also learnt how to upload a power point onto blogger using slide share.I have a clearer understanding of what conventions of a magazine are where as before i didn't know what a convention was. (128)

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