Sunday, 9 February 2014

Magazine Colour Detailed

This magazine uses the color pink for the background which sets a really calm environment when reading the magazine. The cover lines are black which really stands out against the pink because pink is a lighter color where black is a darker color making it stand out more. By having the words SEX LIFE written in bright pink makes you want to look at that first because it the only color on its own on the front cover. The white cover lines don't stand out to much because the pink is near the same sort of shade of lightness so maybe the editor didn't want these topics to stand out over all the other cover lines on the front cover. On the front cover the title and words written miss JORGIE PORTER are shiny silver which could of had that style of color/text because the editor wanted the magazine to catch peoples eyes( quite literally) by having the sun reflect of from a window maybe and shine in there eyes making them maybe want to see what it is. 
GQ has only three colors for there magazine luminous pink, white and black. The white has been used for big titles and the main cover lines. the black has been used for subheadings and for the date and price where its a white background to keep it standing out since there both opposite colors. The white has been used for ares that have black around for the same use of having the black (to stand out against opposite colors in stead of having a white background and a white font because then your not going to see anything).
The colors yellow and white really do make this magazine look a bit more like interesting because yellow is a unusual color to use while typing and the white just fits in with it, maybe because their both light shades. The black looks like the least important part of the magazine, no because theirs a few cover lines that are black but because if you read them you can tell that its not news its just little pieces of fashion. The white font  to me looks as if its the most important because theirs KATE'S SECRET STYLIST REVELED written in bold and seems like big news for everyone, theirs also a look at Kate Moss's party that's meant to be wild and talk of fashion near the top right. The yellow looks like its been used for just big titles and prices. 

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