Thursday, 13 February 2014

My Magazine Cover

This is my final design of my magazine, iv'e tried to make it eye catchy by adding extra colours on each side and to make the magazine look even better i made the title both colours to give it that better look instead of it being doll.The colours purple and orange have been used because if you look at the colour wheel in my previous blog it shows that these two colours are probably the best to use. Ive added a barcode, price and date to make it look that much more real. The model is a actor/singer/model called Ariana Grande and it took a bit of work to photoshop her and make it look normal gain without the background. I've used multiple fonts to make it more interesting and not to make it plan, with out noticing you would think that the same font is boring.I tried changing the layout of the writing to the words hovering hip length to make it look better and added a different font to add more than just two colours. Over all i am very happy with how my magazine has come out.

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